Paintings from Sea and Coast - Exhibition at the Blasket Centre Dunquin, Dingle, Co Kerry 4th May 2019

Paintings from Sea and Coast is a collection I have been working on over a number of years, reflecting images of my traves in a Naomhóg ( a West Kerry currach).

Taking part in a sea journey from Dublin to Santiago de Compostela was a profound and inspiring experience.

The adventure was fimed in a documentary film “The Camino Voyage”.

Paintings are like journeys for me. One of the most challenging parts of composing a painting is reaching the moments of uncertaintity. 

It’s the line between giving up or struggling on, somewhat similar to what I experienced on these naomhóg voyages.

I don’t consider my paintings to be ever finished, but rather ongoing expressions.


The Camino Voyage - Camino by Sea - Documentary

Liam's latest new collection of paintings " Noamhoga Nua" is based and inspired by the Naomhóig (a tradtitioinal Irish hand made boat)

It explores themes of diversity, unity and journeys. The landscape becomes a placeless image, which leaves him great freedom to work.

Liam has been greatly inspired and influenced by Naomhóigs and has made many sea voyages in them, including a trip to the Island of Iona in Scotland.

Liam was part of the crew who have just completed an epic Three Year "Camino" from Dublin to Spain by Sea.

Follow their journey on their Facebook page here Camino by Sea - A Voyage from Dublin to Spain

 A New Documentary featuring footage of their voyage is currently showing on Irish Channel TG4

Danny and Liam handbuilt the Naomhóig before sailing it on this incredible voyage. Their achievement has been captured on film


 Sadly Danny Sheehy (Dómhnall Mac a tSíthigh) passed away on a subsequent trip after the Naomhóig overturned in rough seas off the Iberian Peninsula on June 9th 2017

'Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h'anam'


As Liam sees it, the artists job is to always, in each canvas, explore new possibilities and move on beyond the boundaries.

With his latest exhibition and his "Camino by Sea" trip Liam has shown that there are no boundaries that cannot be broken.


 Liam's paintings are in private collections in Ireland, Australia, Europe and U.S.A.


Please contact Liam directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for all enquiries.


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Liam Holden - Visual Artist

Liam developed a love of the sea that was to have a profound influence on his journey as a painter. Water remains his principal inspiration - horizons, islands, boats and coastlines all feature in his paintings. Liam works intuitively, applying paint in layers to create texture and depth of colour, and will revisit a work time and time again until satisfied with its emotional resonance.


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