Boat Trip from Antrim to Iona Scotland 2012

In 2011 Danny Sheehy from Baileaglaise, Ballyferriter West, Dingle, Co.Kerry and Liam Holden embarked on a project to Handmake a Traditional Kerry Naomhóig. They succeeded.......eventually.......and it did not sink. In May 2012 they rowed in this Naomhóg from Antrim in Northern Ireland to Iona in Scotland. Click on the link above to view a Video of the launching


Brandon Hill to Mount Brandon 2013

It June 2013 a similar trip took place over a number of weeks - Brandon Hill to Mount Brandon - walking from Mount Brandon in Kilkenny to Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny rowing down the River Nore and following the Irish Coastline around the Southwest of Ireland to Brandon Creek, Co. Kerry and finishing with a walk up Mount Brandon Peak, Co. Kerry.


Camino by Sea 2014 - 2016

Encouraged by their first trips Liam and the rest of the Crew, have taken on a truly historic trip and have completed the first leg of their next trip "Camino by Sea" which is following an ancient route from Ireland to Camino in Spain.

This leg took place in June 2014 and took them in their handmade Naomhóig from from the River Liffey, Dublin to Douarnenez in Brittany, France where they have now rested the boat for the winter. The second leg of this endurance test will take place in 2015. Followed by the third and final leg in 2016.

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Naomhoig Na Tinte ( Naomhoig of the Tents )


 2014-15-16 Liam took part in The Camino Voyage Film Documentary.


Liam and the Crew have now finished and completed their epic voyage. The full scale of this achievement can be appreciated on

Irish TV Channel TG4 on the following link  Camino by Sea 2014 - 2016

Produced by Anu Pictures - An Independent Film Production Company


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Liam takes echoes and reflections from these and other trips as a basis for some of his inspiration in his paintings

Liam Holden - Visual Artist

Liam developed a love of the sea that was to have a profound influence on his journey as a painter. Water remains his principal inspiration - horizons, islands, boats and coastlines all feature in his paintings. Liam works intuitively, applying paint in layers to create texture and depth of colour, and will revisit a work time and time again until satisfied with its emotional resonance.


 Artists Brushes