The Handmade Naomhóg by Liam Holden and Danny Sheehy was launched at Cé Bhaile an Chalaidh on May 20th 2012.

On their first voyage they rowed from Ballycastle, North Antrim, to Iona in Scotland with Danny Sheehy, Liam Holden, Breandán Begley and Ann Burke on board.

A copy of An Bíobla Naofa, the Irish version of the Holy Bible was presented to the monastery in Iona when they arrived.

This was the second part of the Naomh Colmcille voyage from the coast of Sligo to Iona and the first of many journeys in their naomhóg

culminating in Camino by Sea from 2013 to 2016

The Camino Voyage - Camino by Sea - Documentary 

Camino by the Sea was the next voyage over three years from Dublin, Ireland to Santiago de compostela in Spain concluding in 2016

A truly epic voyage by modern day adventurers which took many months. 

Details on the Film can be Viewed on the Link above


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Liam Holden - Visual Artist

Liam developed a love of the sea that was to have a profound influence on his journey as a painter. Water remains his principal inspiration - horizons, islands, boats and coastlines all feature in his paintings. Liam works intuitively, applying paint in layers to create texture and depth of colour, and will revisit a work time and time again until satisfied with its emotional resonance.


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